Our Capabilities


Customer Relationship management software to track quotations and samples and at the same time monitor supplier/customer complaints.


To track the progress of R&D work and provide an audit trail of all R&D projects.


Computerised Machinery Maintenance system helps us to monitor daily maintenance of all machineries.


Processing Plant is designed in accordance to GMP requirement. In progress to implement HACCP.


Intense monitoring at every stage of production to ensure consistency of quality.


Understand food quality and safety requirement of customers, and shall continuously upgrade our system to meet customer’s requirement.


For high-quality assurance of our products, Lecker Food is an experienced Halal food manufacturer. This ensures that all of our products adhere to Halal standards.


Our customers’ relationship with us doesn’t end after a product purchase. We provide service assistance to further acquaint our customers with their newly purchased products.


Our facilities were designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Our complete line up of state-of-the-art equipments allows for a production process that tailors to all kinds of unique specifications. We are also able to produce in small and large scales.

Contract Manufacturing

As a steadily growing chocolate manufacturer and private label packager with Halal and HACCP certifications, we have the capability to bring your formula to life. Whether it is a one-off or an ongoing contract, confidentiality and satisfaction guaranteed!

Our technical team will work with you on your specifications. We would also suggest alternative ingredients or design a new solution to achieve the best result. We are also a team of seasoned industry veterans ready to assist you in quality assurance, testing formulation and blending.

All work accepted by Lecker Food is strictly confidential. Formal confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are available.

Joint Product Development

In Lecker Food, we offer training classes to familiarise with the application of our products. Our laboratory is specially equipped with the state of the art facilities to ensure our customers benefit from the in-depth product training. We frequently send our trainers to acquire latest product knowledge and technology to share with our customers.

Another area of our service is in Joint Product Development. Our technical team will work hand in hand with customers to develop new recipe to meet the special requirements. Our commitment to confidentiality guarantees that customers’ recipes remain secret at all times. Besides that, our R&D software fully supports multi-media database, push notifications and allows real-time viewing of the development progress. The result is short development time.

Lecker Food’s staff are constantly being trained in the latest development of food production and we indulge in aggressive R&D. Our training and product development programmes are designed with our customers in mind.